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Please take a look at our wide selection of homewares and home decor products, including refined furniture, sumptuous bedding, fashionable lighting solutions, tasteful wall art décor, and much more. Whatever taste you fancy, whether it's minimalist or a statement of boldness we have it all. Our inspiration in creating curated collections is to motivate and encourage you to flaunt your unique style hence making your home a true reflection of yourself.

Potted artificial Orchids displayed on nested tables in a loungeroom
Set of two Inlay tables and an occasional chair styled


Coffe Tables & More

Be it turning your living area into that comforting retreat you always dreamt of, or giving the dining area a bit of style combined with functionality. Bella's House offers an answer to all your inspirational needs and ideas for organising your space to make the best choices related to home decorating. Keep connected with us and be updated in the field of interior designing to make sure that everything you create attunes to your way of living.

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Timeless Elegance

What we do is bring beauty to your home. Bellas House collections range from timeless elegance to modern style with a classic twist, and all of our items are carefully selected according to every individual taste. Whether you’re refreshing one room or renovating your whole home, we have just the right items for you to add a bit of charisma and personality.

Qualty Meets Style

Quality is what we feel cannot be compromised when you want to improve your living areas. At Bellas House, each product is delicately selected in its measure of unique quality, lasting ability, and style. We are dedicated to the provision of quality work, and all the items you buy will not only make your house look better but will also last for a long time. We work in partnership with artisans and designers who have the same commitment to produce products that integrate beauty into their usability.

Convenience Online

Bellas House is more than just a shop but is an online place where you can explore and buy from the convenience of your home. With our intuitional website, we have created a platform that will guarantee you a good time while shopping. With a few simple clicks, you can access our galleries to browse through the items, check out their specifications, and place orders securely. We provide national delivery guaranteeing you that the Bellas House can deliver to any part of Melbourne and Australia.


For shipping quotes to regional areas and any product questions, we are here to help. Fill in the contact form and we will get back to you ASAP. Our friendly team is here is here to assist!

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